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I’m walking for my Son, Emerson and Shiraz .

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Raising awareness of Autism has always been a cause I hold close to my heart. My older brother Shiraz was diagnosed when he was 3 years old. At Level 3 on the spectrum, he has severe speech and social delays. He communicates only through action or sounds and requires full time around the clock care. 

Earlier this year, Marc and I received the same diagnosis for our son Emerson. Our beauitful boy, only 2 years old, has been diagnosed with Autism. Level 3 on the spectrum he too has severe speech and social delays. 
It has been alot for us to process. 
We are grieving the life we had enviosned for Emerson, ourselves and for our children. 

Thankfully for Emerson and for us, the world has come a long way since Shiraz was diagnosed. At the time of Shiraz's diagnosis, my parents didn't quite understand the full extent of what autism was and what that meant for Shiraz and our life. There was no early intervention therapies available to help my brother be the best he could be or to help my parents understand how to best support him. Its different for us now. We are fortunate to have access to services and therapies that will provide us with the knowledge and tools to help Emerson live life to his fullest potential. This wouldn't be possible without organisations like Autism Specturm Australia whose work helps create an inclusive community for every person living with autism. As a sibling of an autistic person and now the mother of an autistic person I will forever be grateful for organisations like this who help raise awareness and funds to support people living with autism. 

If you are able to support this cause in any way, please donate via the link on my page. Any contribution no matter how small will go a long way in creating a world where no one on the autism spectrum is left behind. 

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Sending you lots of love and hugs


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Well done sis 💙💙


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All the best Shabeena!


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Best wishes and lots of love to all of you my dear.


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Good job Shabs!


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Amazing work Shabs. Thanks for sharing your story, it is really inspirational how you deal with this as a sister, mother and carer. Lots of love Jeff, Rachel, Jamie and Kayla


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Natalie Gonzalez

Well done shabina for sharing and also raising awareness to a cause so personal to you. You are one strong and inspiring woman. Sending my love to you and your family.




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You’ve got this Shab 💙


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You are amazing!


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Go Shabs! Xx