Because the world is not autism friendly...

Walk 7k steps a day this May
for the 70% of Autistic people who experience mental health issues.

Together we walk


People stepping out to
change lives


Steps taken for autism


Raised to support Autistic people and their families

Will you walk for autism?

Step up, because the world is not autism friendly. Walk 7k steps this May for the 70% of Autistic people experiencing mental health issues.

You can walk solo or in a team with your workplace, friends, family or school. And every step you take, along with every dollar you raise will help create an autism-friendly world. A world where Autistic people feel comfortable and free to be their authentic selves.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today to get stepping, have fun and Walk for autism!

Choose your challenge!

Walk 7k steps a day...

For a week

Walk your way towards an autism-friendly world. Challenge yourself to take a total of 49k steps in a week to support initiatives like Aspect’s work in creating an inclusive, autism-friendly world.

For a fortnight

Double your challenge. Walk 98k steps so Autistic people don’t walk alone. Your walk could support access to early diagnosis, so Autistic people can grow up with support and understanding.

Every day in May!

Step it up by completing an incredible 217k steps in a month! You’ll help fund trailblazing research on how we can best support Autistic people who experience mental health issues.

Or walk your way by setting your own steps goal.

How it works

1. Sign up

Say ‘yes’ to walking 7k steps a day your way this May.

2. Step it up

Gather a team of family, friends, school mates or colleagues to join you.

3. Spread the word

Share your fundraising page and help raise vital funds for our brilliant Autistic community.

4. Step out

Set off on your walk to unlock the seven destinations on your Aspect village map.


Aspect Village Map

Travel around the Aspect Village. As you log your steps, and climb the fundraising tiers, you'll unlock seven unique locations in your community.

You’ll help families like Jordan's in your community

Your Walk for autism supports families like Jordan's. 

“Without Aspect, I knew it would’ve been a long wait before my children Ty and Zkyah received the help they needed. It was a huge relief.”

An official autism diagnosis means Jordan can access autism-specific support for her children’s individual needs, so they feel like they belong wherever they go. This will help set them on the path towards living their best life.

Your Walk for autism supports parents and kids like Jordan, Ty and Zkyah

About Aspect

Aspect (Autism Spectrum Australia) is Australia’s largest autism-specific service provider and charity.

By walking 7k steps a day this May, you’ll be helping build an autism-friendly world that supports Autistic Australians and their families at all stages of life. The funds you raise could go towards:

  • Helping Autistic people and their families access earlier diagnosis so they grow up with the support and understanding that comes from an autism diagnosis.
  • Providing resources and information that empower Autistic people and their families following an autism diagnosis.
  • Creating inclusive, autism-friendly environments where Autistic people feel comfortable and free to be themselves.
  • Developing and delivering an evidence-based program of autism training for mental health professionals.
  • Funding critical research to further explore mental health issues experience by Autistic people and what support is needed to improve their wellbeing.
  • Providing specialist schooling for children on the autism spectrum in an environment that allows them to embrace their different brilliant.®