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I’m walking towards a world where no one on the autism spectrum is left behind.

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Our passionate team at Happy Little Campers believe that every child has the right to Early Childhood Education.  At HLC we are a fully inclusive centre which works with children who have various needs, Autism being one.  

Often people feel that when children that are diagnosed with a special needs condition they feel they won't be supported and their child will be looked down upon.

That's not what we see at a HLC, in our eyes, every child is special, every child is unique in their own way and they have their own unique footprint in this world.  We want each child to strive, succeed, have fun and receive the best possible start in their early years of learning.  A child with Autism can achieve goals, outcomes just like anyone else, it just takes a team of dedicated Educators to help achieve the result, the outcome is priceless, something that can't be put into words, the feelings of emotions shows it all.

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Happy Little Campers

To the fantastic Educators at HLC, Such a wonderful cause and ensuring all children are included and supported.


Australian Sentinel

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So proud of you and your team Judy making a difference in people’s lives!


Darren Perry

Thank you to the wonderful team at Happy Little Campers for supporting this cause. Best wishes from your graduates Victor, Christina and Alexander!


Happy Little Campers


Australian Sentinel

This matched donation has been generously provided by Australian Sentinel.


Taralee Kelly


Yong Wang


Tara Diamond


Aris Papilos


Yasemin Burmin

Good luck, Judy! A very worthy cause.


Amanda Vallini

Its such a great cause!


Prakriti Karki


Nicola Sancandi


Sonia Slaveski


Laura Martyn

Best of Luck Judy and all the HLC team! Love your biggest fans! Rylan, Flynn and Ody xxx