Fry-Newton family

We're walking for Hamish

We've stepped up to Walk for autism to help create a world where no-one on the autism spectrum is left behind. 

We’ll be challenging ourselves to each walk 10,000 steps a day for 8 days while raising much needed funds to support people on the autism spectrum.

An estimated 1 in every 70 people is on the autism spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians.

People on the autism spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently. For many, simply coping with the everyday can lead to confusion, anxiety and isolation.

By coming together and taking action, we can help provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them.

Help make our steps count and show your support by donating today!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Alan Fry


Michelle Maesepp

Your little ‘shark’ is so lucky to have a mumma like you, so glad our paths have crossed lady xx


Andrew Clarkson


Paul Palamara





Anna Cook

Good luck I can see some jogging on the spot coming on or a track around each room of the house 😊👍


Roni Trieu

Amazing purpose and love for your child. I admired you as a parent.


Eric Fry


Craig Petchell

Good luck!


Dorothy Hargreaves

All the best for making your target. Go Eric and Hamish!!


Michael Fletcher

Congrats on highlighting such a worthy cause Keira!


Smitha Nair


Bruce Wayne

Hey good one you Keira, great cause.. hopefully the yoga helps with the recovery of the daily 10k steps!


Marta Galofre

Love this initiative Eric! All the best in raising funds and awareness <3


Prashant Choudhary

Hi Keira, You are strong lady and inspiration to others. All the best for the walk.


Ellen Hutchison

Sorry I’m a bit late to the party guys! Xxx


Rene Karlekar

Go Keira! What a mum :)


Chris And Julia Newton

Great effort sis, we're with you all the way!


Rob Hamer Jones

Well done, Keira and Eric, for clocking up those steps during such an extraordinary time X


Keira Newton


Melanie Davie

Keep on walking


Mario Rosa


Elisabeth & Ry Cunningham

Go Keira!


Kirstie Myers

Good luck Keira! Kirstie x


Gina Keogh

Love your work Keira!


Aoife Carrick



What a great initiative!



Awesome cause! Get those steps in!


Adam Mee

go Keira!


Sarah Monteith

Each step counts. Happy to support youand Hamish.


Jay Krishna

Good luck Keira!



Good work Keira !!



We’re all behind you Hamish!!!


Cassie Vitanza


Boby Mathew

I always keep Hameesh in my prayer


Ness Hoffmann


Angela Anastassiou

What a beautiful boy you are Hamish! Keira your one amazing mum!