Chrissy Kaufusi

I'm walking 7k steps a day this May to support Autistic Australians like Goku

When Goku was born, she was our final puzzle piece to make us whole. As she got older she was never quite hitting her milestones, but she would always get there in her own time. Deep down I had a feeling she was different. Special. Unique. 

The Māori word for Autism is Takiwātanga - In his/her own time.

Last year, at 2.5yrs of age we started Goku’s ASD journey. I follow some amazing mums on instagram who helped and inspired me to take that first step of getting her assessed, and didn’t realize how many families within our Xtreme Hip Hop community were walking the same path as I. 

Last year, one of those amazing mums I was talking about, and her team, Team Tevita were raising funds and awareness for her son Tevita and I knew I had to support them with their walk for Autism. 

Now, it’s my turn to walk for my daughter and to raise Much needed awareness and funds not only for Goku but for many families living with Autism. 

Funds raised can help Autistic people and their families access earlier diagnosis, provide autism-specific schooling for children on the autism spectrum, support research and help create inclusive, autism-friendly environments.

Please help us reach our goal and normalize the beauty of Nuerodiversity.  

Nga Mihi whanau let’s get stepping 

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My Goal


Linzie Tii


Thank you so much to my biggest supporter, Linzie Tii, for donating a trailblazing $106 to help create a more autism-friendly world.

Thank you for your brilliant donation

Chrissy Kaufusi


Linzie Tii


You are such a fighter & have overcome so much already! Lots of Alofa to you Goku! 💙💙💙

Heleina Timotheou


We're with you gorgeous girl all the way through. Lots of love us ❤️🤍🖤

Star Phoenix-carter & Laione


To our clever little cousin Goku. You are so brave! You have a village supporting you where you need us. Ofa lahi atu, Star, Phoenix-Carter & Laione

Lemalu Tribe


Our Lemalu Tribe is walking right beside our niece Goku all the way TO THE TOP BABY GIRL!!🧡💛🖤

The Muriwai’s


We’re with you Super Saiyan family 🩵 Aroha nui from Justin & his astronauts!

Team Tevita


No one gets left behind! Teisina, Wilson whanau cheering you on 👏🏼

Carmel Treasurer


We gotcha fam! With love Toffee & Family

Loleta Mulipola


Keep being who you are ❤️

Tamara Higgins


You are amazing 🤩

Bina Xo


We walk with you fam. In your corner always Goku ❤️.

Sofy Taupau


Love you Goku!! 💚

Melinda Atarenga


Elder Kaufusi


悟空を愛しています (I love you Goku) Love you my sotia Bubby Matthew 25:40 40 And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.