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And that's a wrap

Ladies and gents that's a wrap. Just finished my last 10km and by God that one was probably the worst one. The body is stinging time for some well earnt beers. Thank you to everyone who donated and for all the support everyone has given me throughout this grind 🤙🤙

One more to go

Slogged out another 15km this morning, the body is really starting to feel the age. But I've only got 10km to go. 

Feeling good

This morning I hit the 10km mark and was feeling that good that I ran an extra 5km. Bit sore now though but makes me feel better knowing I only have 25kms to go. 

Half way

Hit the 40kms!! Yea buddy! Absolutely sucked this morning was very sore and struggled to get the legs going but still got over the line. 

Rain hail or shine

Well the rain hasnt stopped and yet again I found myself drenched. But all you can do is smile and keep on going. Solid run with a time of 51.45 , 30kms down 50 big ones to go.

If it ain't raining it ain't training lol

Absolutely pissed down this morning as I was starting my run, and didn't let up the whole time got properly soaked. Not a bad time though 52.11

Let the games begin

Off to a early as hell start this morning, off the back of 3.5hrs sleep. I'm hurting big time, I might take a day nap. Still cracked it out in 55.48 🤙

Finally run before the event

So decided to just do a smaller 7km run this morning just to keep the legs ticking over. But I'm going to spend the next few days resting for the big week.

Haters gonna hate ainters gonna aint

So with all the banter from a select few I thought I would push myself to keep a few quite. Smashed out the 10km this morning in 47.37. I've earnt myself a few days rest.

Different day

So today I changed it up. I ran 5km best pace in 24.34, and then broke down the rest of the 10 in lots. 

The weighted vest almost beat me today

By God that was an absolute grind. I hit 5kms an almost quit. This is going to be one hell of a battle come the 21st. Still managed to get a pb. 🤙🤯

Big slow boii

So definitely didn't want to get up and do the 10km this morning but that's all part of the grind. Stopped twice for a 30 second Life saver and continued on my merry way for time of 55.12.

Monday feels

So it was a sluggish start this morning. Slogged out my 10km in a reasonable time of 52.54 with my weighted vest. Hurting now. Little bit more till I hit my goal of 2k

The hills have eyes

So I added an extra spice to this run this morning by doing a 8km hill run. With a great height of 293m gained. I had a little bit of company on the way up to keep those legs ticking over

Getting it done

So it was an early start this morning, little bit cooler this morning which was nice. Slogged out 7.19km 🤙. Don't mind the bandaid that was Harley slogging me with a pool toy 

Warmer then it looks

So did 5km this morning and by God it was warmer then I expected. But none the less building towards the 80km in 8 days.
Cheers Andy b

Thank you

G'day everyone
So I didn't expect such generosity, and I thought that the goal would be enough but seeing as everyone is so kind I am going to increase my goal and see how far we can go. A massive thank you to everyone that has donated. I have completed 3.5km this morning and will aim to complete the rest this afternoon. 

Support my walk for autism

I’ve stepped up to Walk for autism to help raise funds for people with autism.

The reason I am doing this is because at the age of 2 and a half my son was diagnosed with ASD.  The challenges we face as parents and that he faces everyday needs more awareness and funding.

I’ll be challenging myself to run 10kms a day for 8 days in a weighted vest from the 21st of March till the 28th. But before that I will be racking up as many KMs as possible before that start date.

While raising much needed funds to support people on the autism spectrum.

An estimated 1 in every 70 people is on the autism spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians.

People on the autism spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently. For many, simply coping with the everyday can lead to confusion, anxiety and isolation.

So get behind me as I slog it out to raise funds for a good cause.

Help make my steps count and show your support by donating today!

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Billy And Ash

Get a sub 50 10k or you owe me a CL.



On ya mate good luck ❤️




Ben And Dave H


Maddy Eagle

Good on you Andrew !





Michael Davern


Robbie And Amy

Good work bud 🤙


Malbend Ary


Pat Maher


Sam And Er

Awesome work for a great cause Andrew!


Tom A

Awesome work Brus! Inspired me to start running again


Andrews Family


Alex Stewart


Zachary Williams




Kate Eagle

So proud of you xx


Nadia Parora


Noah Robinson


David Boyle


Margaret Blake

Good luck Andrew your doing great love nan xx


Dylan Bramble

Good job big fella


Sarah Butler



Richard Niessl

Great work Andrew!


Andy Lam

Love your work brother! I'll see you soon


Scott Allwood

Hey mate! Doing a fkn rippa job mate mate. Very inspiring! Hope u and the fam are well mate! Keep it up! 👍🍺


Malbend Ary


Andrew Boyle


Gealan Toullea

Get em Andy


Kyle & Casey

On ya mate


Jacob Campbell

Rip in mate hope you and the fam are doing well


Ken Gilchrist


Blake Boyle


David Walton

Big effort! Well done. Great cause!





Great stuff buddy


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From the Timermanis family


Laura Blake



Nice work mate!


Trent Bulmer

Good luck blud!


Jake Robson

You the man andy! Respect brother Love The one and only


Maree Grindrod

Good going! As a step mum of a son with ASD, we have lived the journey-challenges that are so brilliant when overcome!


Justin Wells


Big Dog T


Gerard Mudford

Mad dog




James Timermanis


Joel Johanson

Love your work mate, it's not much but everybody counts xoxo


Tullah Mottershead



Good work mate! Jez




Michelle Young

Hey great job your doing for harley, and others with autism xx


Don Mander

Mate, well done and a great initiative. I too have an autistic child but not to extreme levels. The difficulties I face I can only imagine what you may be dealing with. Great effort


Jacqui Pike

Amazing job!


Henry Jones

Goodwork mate


Ryan Abil