Kirsty Martin

I'm walking 7k steps a day this May to support Autistic Australians

I’ve stepped up to Walk for autism. Please show your support as I walk my own brilliant way for Autistic Australians and their families!

Did you know? Because the world is not autism-friendly, 70% of Autistic people in Australia experience mental health issues.

That's why I'm walking 7k steps a day in May to fundraise for Aspect (Autism Spectrum Australia). Can you please support me?

Your donation will help deliver services that support Autistic people to live their best life.

Funds raised can help Autistic people and their families access earlier diagnosis, provide autism-specific schooling for children on the autism spectrum, support research and help create inclusive, autism-friendly environments.

Please support my Walk for autism and donate now. Thank you so much!

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Warren Brandt


Thank you so much to my biggest supporter, Warren Brandt, for donating a trailblazing $270 to help create a more autism-friendly world.

Thank you for your brilliant donation

Warren Brandt




Go strong, Kirst!

Gerard & Kathy Martin


Fully support you Kirsty

Alex Coleman


Jarrah Family Trust


Go Kirsty! Patty is an awesome, outgoing, and intelligent young man. Proud of you for raising money for a worthy cause, and proud of Patrick for facing adversity and kicking its arse!!

Kate Brown


Well done Kirsty, all for an amazing cause!

Kirsty Martin


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Vijhai Utheyan


Greg Donovan


Go Kirst!

Jessica Tubnor


Go Kirsty! I’ll be watching for those workout notifications 😉