Why Walk?

Why Walk for autism?

In 2023 Walk for autism raised over $1 million in support of children and adults on the autism spectrum. Below are a handful of our wonderful walkers sharing why they Walk for autism. Be part of the fun in 2024 and register your interest today! 

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Alexandra is 38 years of age and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at the age of 25. Below she shares a little of her journey and why she Walks for autism. 

 “Getting a diagnosis was like having a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.  After being diagnosed I started to do my own research and a lot of things about my life just started to make sense.

 “I finally understood why I have problems in certain aspects of life, like social cues and how to respond to these. I still have some problems with social cues but I have learnt how to adapt.

 “Just because I have an autism diagnosis doesn’t mean that I should be treated differently from anyone else. It is a part of who I am and you have to take me as I am.

 “I have learnt a lot about myself since being diagnosed and I really believe that autism is a different brilliant.

 “I Walk for autism to support Aspect – I love doing it, not just because of the great t-shirt but I like to get the word out there that Aspect exists and supports the autism community.”

Chris & Piper

Chris is an incredibly passionate dad who will do whatever it takes to give his daughters the very best start to life. 

Eight-year-old Piper and her younger sister Sage, four, were both diagnosed on the autism spectrum when they were just three years old. 

Chris says the early diagnosis of his two girls has enabled the family to apply specialist therapies and he is amazed just how far Piper has come. Particularly over the last 12 months or so after enrolling at an Aspect school.

Chris has stepped up to Walk for autism as he wants to raise support and understanding for people on autism spectrum, including his daughters.

Chris says, “My advice to anyone looking to sign up to Walk for autism is just don't think about it, just do it. Just challenge yourself. The people you're walking for, they challenge themselves to so much more every day. So just sign up, just do it.”



Katherine is stepping up to Walk for autism for her seven-year-old son Callen, who attends an Aspect School. 

Katherine says, “My hope for Callen is that he's happy. And to be happy, he needs to feel safe and a part of a community and be able to do things that he wants to do and participate in society.”

“I would like to thank everybody who supports Aspect because without their support, our son wouldn't have had the amazing start he's had to his life. And for that I will be forever grateful.”