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Walk for autism 2022 achieved over $1 million in support of children and adults on the autism spectrum. Congratulations to our 2022 walkers and their army of supporters on this amazing result. Register your interest and be one of the first to hear when entries to our March 2023 challenge open.

By taking part in Walk for autism, you will help provide the best opportunities for children and adults on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them.

A life-changing diagnosis

Cheeky, fun loving Jack, aged 7, has a smile that will brighten your day. It's hard to imagine that he wasn't always so cheerful and outgoing. When Jack was little, he didn't speak. He didn't respond to pain in a typical way. He didn't answer to his name. As well as his limited social skills, Jack had sensory sensitivities. He didn't like loud noises, the feeling of clothes or brushing his teeth. Jack's parents, Chey and Matthew, had a million questions and no answers. It was just before his 2nd birthday, that Jack was diagnosed on the autism spectrum. This early diagnosis gave him access to support at a critical age and on progressing to an Aspect school he then learned to speak within just 10 months. What a champion!

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