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In 2023 Walk for autism challenged Australians to walk 10,000 steps a day for eight days, or participants could “Double their Challenge” and walk 10,000 steps a day for 16 days! There was no set event or location - that means our participants could walk anywhere, at any time, in any place, all while raising much-needed funds to support children and adults on the autism spectrum. Starting 25 March our Walkers stepped up to their individual 8 Day or 16 Day Challenges and together raised an amazing $1 Million. Congratulations to all our 2023 Walkers and their supporters.

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Early diagnosis allows Holly to shine

You can see Holly’s love, cheekiness and beautiful spirit written all over her face. Diagnosed on the autism spectrum at just 23 months of age the now four-year-old is shining, thanks to her early diagnosis.

Yet before her diagnosis, her parents were worried. Holly was struggling and wasn’t reaching key milestones. 

'Holly didn’t turn her head when we called her name,” recalls her mother Michelle. “She didn’t seem to know how to connect with others around her.'

Michelle was also finding it difficult to know how to communicate with Holly and understand her needs. 

'Holly didn’t like physical touch and we couldn’t cuddle her. She would push us away if we got too close. We didn’t know the best way to comfort her if she was in pain, which was heartbreaking.'

Today, Holly is flourishing in the joys of childhood thanks to her early autism diagnosis, which was crucial in giving her access to the specialist therapies that has helped Holly to shine. Holly’s parents now proudly watch as their little girl achieves milestone after milestone. 

A recent heart-warming milestone for Michelle was when Holly raised her little arms in the air and said, 'hug'. That’s definitely something every parent wants to hear!

By taking part in Walk for autism and raising funds you are helping to provide the best opportunities for people of all ages on the autism spectrum, from tailored educational support, improved social environments and early diagnosis for children like Holly. Your support could transform their entire life.