Santiago Mercieca

I’m walking to support my local Aspect School

Support my local Aspect School as I walk in my own brilliant way to help provide individualised, nurturing education for students in an autism-specific environment.

Aspect Schools support Autistic students to establish the skills they need for a positive quality of life. When students feel understood, engaged, and supported, it sets the stage for positive experiences and improves their wellbeing.

Did you know? Because the world is not autism-friendly... 70% of Autistic people in Australia experience mental health issues. By donating, you’re helping initiate positive change so children on the autism spectrum can grow up feeling accepted and understood.

Donate now for a brighter future for these incredible children.

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Thank you so much to my biggest supporter, Anonymous, for donating a trailblazing $520 to help create a more autism-friendly world.

Thank you for your brilliant donation



Santi, you are a champion.

Catherine Moroney


Rebecca Cushway


You are a legend Santi! Have fun on the walk!

Virginia Camilleri


good Luck on your journey

Santiago Mercieca


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Bernadette Berg


We love you Santi! Have fun on your walk! xo

David Mercieca


Go Santi!!