Jessica Bruton

I’m walking to support my local Aspect School

Support my local Aspect School as I walk in my own brilliant way to help provide individualised, nurturing education for students in an autism-specific environment.

Aspect Schools support Autistic students to establish the skills they need for a positive quality of life. When students feel understood, engaged, and supported, it sets the stage for positive experiences and improves their wellbeing.

Did you know? Because the world is not autism-friendly... 70% of Autistic people in Australia experience mental health issues. By donating, you’re helping initiate positive change so children on the autism spectrum can grow up feeling accepted and understood.

Donate now for a brighter future for these incredible children.

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Tom’s confectionery warehouse


Thank you so much to my biggest supporter, Tom’s confectionery warehouse, for donating a trailblazing $1,020 to help create a more autism-friendly world.

Thank you for your brilliant donation

Tom’s Confectionery Warehouse


Roc see it as your first wage working together

Calvin Bruton


Love you and yours 🥰😍😘🤗❤️



Go Roc! 🏃🏻🙌🏻💓

Ingles Family


Love From The Mackenzie’s


Let’s go Roc xx

Elliott Pannell-bruton


I got you Roc, I hope you have have a fun day, uncle wishes he could be there to do the walk with you. Much love uncle E 👊🏽💯❤️

Jessica Bruton


The Cleveland's


We love and miss you guys! Go Roc!!

Vee & Shaun


Let’s go Roc!

Tara & Col Scott & Family


So proud of you Roc ❤️

The Stuhmcke Family


Go Roc!

Julija Deleva


Mick Mel & Evie Downer


Go Roc!!

Anne Moore


You are amazing well done!

Yvette H


Well done Roc👏👏

Jenny, Sienna And Jalen Lonergan


Roc - you are an inspirational young man who is going to step outside his comfort zone and complete this walk. By doing so it will ensure others gain an insight to creating an autism-friendly world for children to live in. Proud of you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Alison Vickers


CONGRATULATIONS ROC! You are an inspiration ❤️Challenging yourself and having the courage to share your story and committing to educate friends, family and the world audience I am supporting you and the cause. I wish you andvyour familyvwell in all that you do ❤️

Evie F


Go Roc! You are inspirational! Much love xxx

Melanie Green


Go Roc!!! Xx

Ronnel Riggs


Happy to chip in for a great cause and Go Roc !

Emilia Avramoska



Cheyenne Bobongie




Peter Lonergan


Jacqui Roberts


Amanda Hayes


Love you Roc

Ethan Mcdermott


Let’s go roc!! 🤩🤟🏼

Shakira Bruton


Love you fam 🩷 Proud of you Roc xx