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I am a motivated, passionate teacher at a mainstream school who strives to succeed with all students. I have been teaching children for the past 5 years. I like my job. 

Last year began as a tough year. Our school was building their support unit and we started out with our first ever kindergarten autism class. There were 7 students with Autism, with ranging abilities. They were all high functioning with mild to moderate signs of Autism. The class taught myself and all the other staff members so much about supporting students with specials needs that we were not aware of. We were able to use these strategies in our mainstream classrooms. 

I have taught over 300 children over the years and I just LIKED my job, hoping that I was making a difference. I worked closely with these beautiful kindergarten students and I now have found a million reasons why I LOVE my job KNOWING we are making a difference every moment. It was a successful year.

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Andrew Lia

Keep up the good work God Bless we need more ppl like you in the world.



Amazing initiative - May God Bless you



God bless you and your drive in this life and the cause you're an amazing human 🙏🏼❤


Mariam Baba

Love you x


Christina Matthes

Great work Mary! Proud of you


Rebecca Azzi

So proud of you! God bless you and this amazing initiative.


Lina Dawood

You're amazing!


Jennifer Tuakalau

Hi Mary, Thank you so much! Cannot wait to receive my rosaries which I shall be gifting. Regards Jennifer x




Mariam E.

Love the cause and you! God bless you Mary! ❤️



God bless you and all you do




Christina Giliana

God Bless you Beautiful


Steven Barkho

Great initiative Mary, you continually make us all proud!




Andrew David


Sister In Christ ??

Love you Mary. I’m so blessed to know you. ❤️❤️


Anon Anon

Wow! The girl who wanted to order an UBER for a 200m walk is doing a walkathon! Now that’s a statement


Rachel B

I love you sis!



Really proud of you Mary! ♥️


Malakai And Micah Baba

We love you aunty Mary!!!



Thank you and God bless you xx


Deanna Shlimon

God bless you, Mary 🤍


Suzi Lay



Parv A

Goodluck! Well done !


Adam Talia


Kate Palmieri