Team Ghostbusters (Braxton)

We're walking for to raise money for Aspect South East Sydney School!

An estimated 1 in every 70 people is on the autism spectrum. Along with their family members, this means autism is a part of daily life for over a million Australians.

People on the autism spectrum see, hear, feel and experience the world differently. For many, simply coping with the everyday can lead to confusion, anxiety and isolation.

By coming together and taking action, we can help provide opportunities for people on the autism spectrum to participate, engage and thrive in the world around them.

Help make our steps count and show your support by donating today!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Cathy & Brian Jackson

Proud members of team Ghostbusters


Mike Alewood

Leave no man woman or child behind


Jan Alewood

Who you gonna call?


Clare & Dan


Patrick Alewood


Renee Jackson


Maureen Kelly

Good luck Ghost busters!


Bel Macedone

Go team GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!! xxx love you all to bits (thats green slime bits of course)


Deanne Buckham

Go Team Ghostbusters


Peter Jackson

Good luck. Hope it isn’t raining.